Swescan Africa – Hydropower, Tanzania

Swescan AFRICA – 20 sites , 2 month and extreme conditions To make a long story short Link to article in Swedish DISwescan team are determined to use drones for good. The goal is to get a start with UN and aid projects. As a pilot project we had the opportunity to create accurate 3D data over 20 sites in Tanzania. Swescan educated and prepared a person for the job. Became the first company in Kenya to have a commercial drone permit and spent 2 months preparing to fly in extreme conditions. MissionElectricity is essential for a small village. To power anything from lamps to pumps or charge mobile phones to improve communication. REA (http://www.rea.go.tz/) ordered the job.  Rural Energy Agency (REA) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of the United Republic of Tanzania. Its main role is to promote and facilitate improved access to modern energy services in rural areas of Mainland TanzaniaREA Vision: Transformation of rural livelihoods through provision of modern energy services.REA Mission: To promote and facilitate availability and access to modern energy services in rural Mainland Tanzania.Survey challengeNot only was Swescan the first company to get a permit we also broke new ground by flying with a…

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